Friday, January 2, 2015

Seven lions from Tarangire National Park were yesterday killed by Maasai warriors in revenge for marauding livestock in a nearby Olasiti village in Babati District, Manyara Region
Narrating, Lang’asani Morwo said about twelve lions invaded his neighbour’s compound and started attacking livestock before the owner called for help.
He said a big number of young men traditionally known as Morans came and started chasing the lions before killing them with spears. He said the Morans managed to kill four of them.
“News had spread in the whole village that several lions had been spotted  near Zion tourists Campsite thus prompting Maasai warriors to fight them,” Morwo said.
  During the two-hour battle, two young  warriors were seriously injured.
He said the Morans decided to hunt other lions in  Tarangire National Park where they managed to kill four lions.
Commenting on the killings  , the Minister for Tourism and Natural Resources, Lazaro Nyalandu condemned the killings ,saying act would harm the tourism sector.  
“I condemn the act of people taking the law into their own hands and kill the most precious species of wild life  in our heritage ,we have special forces to respond  in cases of  wild animals invade human settlements. The residents were supposed to inform Tarangire National park officials about the presence of the lions in the village and not to kill them,” said Nyalandu.
He said even if there had been an attack, Tanapa rangers could have arrived in the area within less than five minutes because the area is a few kilometres from the headquarters of Tarangire National Park.
Nyalandu also asked the police force in Mnyara Region and Tarangire National Park to conduct proper investigations on the matter so that legal action can be taken.
“We must find out the motive behind. Preliminary investigation had established that two lions were killed by using gun…who owned the gun and why killing the animals,” Nyalandu querried.
 A recent survey showed that Tarangire-Manyara ecosystem, is home of many lions.    
Tarangire Lion Project shows a total of 226 lions had been killed between 2004-2013 in retaliation for marauding livestock.
Lions are Africa’s big five cats  that attract tourists each year.


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