Saturday, December 16, 2017

Members’ oath of allegiance and election of Speaker top the agenda
Parliament of Kenya late Thursday elected its nine representatives to the regional Assembly, setting stage for the inauguration of the 4th Assembly on December 18th, 2017, in Arusha, Tanzania.  

Top on the agenda during the week-long 1st Sitting of the 1st Session of the 4th Assembly, is the swearing-in of Members, election of the Speaker and that of Members to the EALA Commission as well as the constitution of various Committees.    
The nine elected nominees to EALA from Kenya are Hon Simon Mbugua, Hon Florence Jematiah, Hon Mpuri Aburi, Hon Aden Noor and Hon Wanjiku Muhia. Other members are Hon Oburu Odinga, Hon Kennedy Kalonzo, Hon Abdikadir Aden and Hon Fatuma Ibrahim.

The 3rd Assembly wound up its tour of duty on June 4th, 2017 and was expected to have commenced on June 5th 2017.   However by then, only Parliament of Uganda, Parliament of Tanzania, Parliament of Burundi and Parliament of Tanzania had finalised the processes. 

The Transitional National Legislative Assembly of South Sudan on its part, had to repeat its elections following an application filed at the East African Court of Justice (EACJ) by a citizen of the country, Mr Wani Salantino challenging the process.   The Parliament revisited the issue and held fresh elections on August 3rd, 2017, before filing the names with EALA.

Parliament of Uganda was the first House to elect Members to the regional Assembly on March 1st, 2017. Their 9 Member team consists of three returning incumbents, Hon Susan Nakawuki, Hon Fred Mukasa Mbidde and Hon Chris Opoka.   The new faces to EALA are Hon Rose Akol, Hon Mathias Kasamba, Hon Mary Mugyenyi and Hon Paul Musamali. Others are Hon Dennis Namara, and Hon George Stephen Odongo.

Parliament of Tanzania returned Hon Adam Kimbisa and Hon Maryam Ussi from the 3rd Assembly. The newcomers include Hon Josephine Lemoyan, Hon Happiness Lugiko, Hon Pamela Maassay, Hon Dr Ngwaru J Maghembe, Hon Dr Abdullah Makame, Hon Eng. Habib Mnyaa and Hon Fancy Nkuhi.

Parliament of Rwanda’s list submitted to EALA in May 2017, includes Hon Pierre Celestin Rwigema, Hon Martin Ngoga, Hon Gasinzigwa Oda and Hon Kalinda Francois Xavier, all who previously served in the 3rd Assembly. New faces include Hon Alex Bahati, Hon Fatuma Ndangiza, Hon Rutazana Francine, Hon Barimuyabo Jean Claude and Hon Uwumukiza Francoise.

Parliament of Burundi on their part elected Hon Jean Marie Muhirwa, Hon Leontine Nzeyimana, Hon Ahingejeje Alfred, Hon Burikukiye Marie Claire, Hon Burikukiye Victor, Hon Karerwa Mo-Mamo, Hon Nduwayo Christophe, Hon Rurakamvye Pierre Claver and Hon Nsavyimana Sophie.

South Sudan’s representatives are Hon Dr Ann Itto Leonardo, Hon Gai Deng Nhial Deng, Hon Dr Woda Jaremiah Odok, Hon Gabriel Garang Ahol and Hon Dr Gabriel
Garang Arol. Others are Hon Thomas D Deng, Hon Mukulia Kennedy Ayason, Hon Kim Duop and Hon Gideon Gatpan Thoar.

Meanwhile, preparations for the forthcoming Sitting are at an advanced stage in Arusha with a number of Speakers from the Partner States’ Parliaments expected to grace the occasion.

All Members are expected to be sworn in by the Clerk before election of the Speaker.  The new EALA Speaker who takes over from Rt Hon Daniel F. Kidega is expected to guide the Assembly over the next five years taking it a notch higher in the integration dispensation. 

EALA is an Organ of the East African Community established in 2001 with a mandate of legislation, representation and oversight.  It is constituted of nine elected members from each of the Partner States

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