Saturday, March 1, 2014

Resident of three villages around  Engaruka area in Monduli District are up in arms against the government plan to mine  sodash  in Their area.

speaking with reporters, they said the move by the government to start the project without their involvement is totally against good governance.
Representative  Bird life international Baraka laizer showing journalists sodash  mining site near Engaruka
Babulo Alex a resident of Engaruka said if the project will  continue it is going to put their livelihoods in jeopardy because of the negative environmental  impact which is expected to  pose the area if implemented.
In her opinion, Noosikito Rwako said that the project should be terminated immediately and engages fresh dialogue with the villagers to get their views in order to protect their social economic interests.
 “This lake has been a source of water in our land, we feed our cattle’s here ,if they erect a mining plant here ,we are all going to perish “said Rwako.

She went on saying they have been puzzled to see big trucks and machines close to the lake that they depend upon for drinking water and their livestock without the knowledge of what is happening.

A community activists from Selela Village Loserian Ramadhani pointed out that that if the factory is built near the lake the  impact will be enormous and could cause the dam to dry.
Baraka Laizer a representative of Birdlife International said if the plant is  to be built at the same area  it will  pose a  significant environmental  impact to both human and wildlife sharing the ecosystem.
" Bird species of flamingos arrive in the Engaruka  lake  that lies a short distance from Lake Natron to breed ,wild animals will  also suffer greatly if the factory is bound here " said Laizer.

Laizer said most residents are of the opinion that tourism activities are environmental friendly and contribute   more to the livelihood of the villagers.

“ ,This lust of wealth should not lead these people  to suffer in the near future, the government should  consider facts and put its people interests  in  priority  .said Laizer.

He said more than eighteen thousands residents from Selela and Engaruka area are feared to be directly affected if the project will take off.

National development corporation (NDC) corporate affairs Manager Abel Ngapemba recently was quoted by the media saying  that  Tanzania government   is looking for a consultant to carry out socio-technical study for the Engaruka sodash  project which he said is  envisaged to stimulate the economy of Engaruka area 


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