Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Government intends take back all plots that had been issued to investors who wanted to construct hotels and lodges in National Parks but have failed to do so. 

The Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Mr Lazaro Nyalandu revealed here that his ministry has issued a three-month deadline until January 2013, for the earmarked plots to be developed into tourist properties orelse their title deeds will be revoked.   

At least six of such plots intended for hotel developments are located in National Parks located in the Northern Zone’s tourist circuit, destinations that operate under the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority as well as the Tanzania National Parks. 

“We are suspecting some dubious deal or foul play intentions by investors who keep amassing land and properties but keep them idle for years,” said Mr Nyalandu, warning that Tanzania will no longer entertain such rackets. 

The Deputy Minister who was visiting hotels and lodges located within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority as well as those operating in the adjoining Karatu District, revealed that the government had been issuing plots to a number of firms that wanted to construct tourist properties in national parks since 2005. 

“Many of these plots are still idle with owners maintaining authorities over them thus preventing other potential investors from developing the properties into revenue yielding hotels or lodges which is essentially a type of sabotage to the country’s economy,” added Mr Nyalandu.
The Deputy Minister pointed out that seven years was a rather long period for plots meant for development  to remain idle. He said  the firms laying claims on them do not seem to show any indication that they are working to develop them even as the country faces acute shortages of hotel beds. 
source ;Arusha times


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