Saturday, August 10, 2013

Prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission (PMTCT) in lake zone has has been reduced by over 98 percent, thanks to the efforts by a local organization.

Aerial Glaser Pediatric Aids Health Care Initiative (AGPAHI), effective, accessible, and scalable interventions within existing maternal and child health services, are the factors behind the life saving success story.
Children who were born free from HIVAIDS standing with their Parents.

Figures from different care and treatment clinics (CTC) in Shinyanga andGeita regions, indicate that less than two percent of infants were now infected of HIV virus by their mothers.

This means that 98 percent of the newborn babies are now born by HIV and Aids infected mothers, free from the virus.

Dr. Honoratha Rwezaura, CTC coordinator Bukombe District, Geita region, told the visiting journalists that in 2011/12 100 out of 109 new borns were born without HIV virus, meaning that only nine infants were infected.

"This could not be possible without AGAPHI in partnership with the government. They have  been providing various  facilities such as  laboratory equipments, trainings for health workers, among others,  that are factors behind the success story in PMCTC" Dr. Rwezaura told the scribes.

Statitics from Maganzo dispensary in Kishapu district in Shinyanga region, which also under AGPAHI indicate that the a total of 122 infants were born free from the HIV virus, out of 138 babies who were born by HIV positive mothers.

According to Maganzo Medical officer incharge, Sam Phillip the AGPAHI's support of care and treatment has been a life savier for new borns , who  otherwise could have been infected by their mothers.

AGPAHI Executive Director, Laurean Bwanakunu said that prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission  can be accomplished by effective, accessible, and scalable interventions within existing maternal and child health services.

“There’s no execuse for infants to be infected by their mothers at the moment where we have sufficient life prologing drugs for the people living with HIV and AIDS” Mr Bwanakunu explained.

It is understood the transmission of HIV from mothers to their infants contributes substantially to global morbidity and mortality for children under-5 years of age.

Approximately 1000 HIV-infected infants are born every day, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa, amounting to nearly 370,000 new pediatric infections annually UNAIDS.

Without treatment, over half of these children will die before the age of two.

AGPAHI is a local organization affiliated to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (AGPAF) focusing on pediatric AIDS and health care. The NGO  works with he ministry of Health and Social Welfare and other stakeholders to eliminate Pediatric AIDS.

The Organization supports efforts to increase access to and enrollment  in a comprehensive  package of sustainable , high quality and cost effective  care and treatment  services for HIV infected  families in the areas including Family Planning and PMCTC.


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