Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pupils with smile ,each with a bike
sponsors Naomi and Mark 
OVER 1,000 pupils from remote areas in various primary schools of Arusha region now have a reason to smile, thanks to American tourist for providing bikes as a means of transport to help them to attend school.
According to Grand circle Foundation Project Manager; Ms Sandra Vaughan the tourist Naomi Hughes has donated a total of 1077 bicycles worth $100,000 (Tsh 164 million) to several primary schools in northern Tanzania.
The Hughes are founders of Pets Providing Pedals program, where dog groomer Naomi grooms dogs in the USA, and raises funds all year round to supply bikes to children in Tanzania.
Tarangire, Ayatale, Rhotia and Bashay primary schools are the key beneficiaries of Naomi’s donations.   Other institutions benefited include Plaster house and Rift Valley Children centres.
Mark and Naomi Hughes are traveling through Tanzania on their 10th Overseas Adventure Trip facilitating their bike program.
The tourist is also built a primary school, provided textbooks, school desks, water tanks, solar lights, trees, and stationary supplies worth Tsh 1.3 billion.
Speaking at the official ceremony to thank Naomi, Mayor of Arusha City His lordship Gaudence Lyimo hailed efforts done by the Hughes family to save children from walking 10km a day to schools.
“Pets Providing Pedals reached an amazing milestone this year. Remember it is one person grooming dogs and fund raising, Naomi” Ms Sandra says.
In 2011, Naomi distributed 201 bikes, while in 2012 she provided another 250.   Way back in 2013, she donated 300 bikes and this year another great donations of 280 bikes. 

On Monday, Naomi together with his husband, Mark Hughes was in Tloma primary school in Karatu to offer yet another 280 bicycles, culminating a grand total of 1,077 cycles.


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