Saturday, May 10, 2014

The  European Union delegation and the east African community has signed a cooperation programme totaling 2.3milion EURO to improve maritime security aimed at contributing to global security and creating a favorable environment for the economic development in the Region.

Speaking during the signing ceremony at the East African headquarters in Arusha on Wednesday   ambassador of the European Union and the East African Community Ambassador Filbert Sebregondi said the programme will provide support to fight maritime crime in the Indian Ocean.

He said the programme will facilitate serious threats that can undermine peace and stability, cases of piracy, drugs, arms smuggling, human trafficking and illegal fishing.

“This  programme is part of a 37 .5 Million EURO package to four regional organization of east and southern Africa (EAC,COMESA,IGAD and IOC) and is aiming to strength the capacities of the four regional organizations to implement regional strategy and action plan against piracy and for maritime security they adopted 2010”He said.

He noted that the programme will also ensure coordination with another EU continental programme called “Critical Maritime Routes “and with further activities related to maritime information sharing system and networking. 

“It will also look at activities related to financial flows  and have to be coordinated with   law  enforcement in East Africa  project which focuses on effective investigation on piracy organizers and financers.

Speaking on behalf of the Secretary General of the East African Community, Deputy Secretary General in charge of finance and administration Jean Jean Claude Nsengiyumva applauded the engagement with the European Union in mobilizing resources geared towards uplifting the standard of living of the citizens in the region. 

He reiterated that EAC greatly values the strategic cooperation with the EU and regards it as one of its key strategic partners. He assured the European Union of its highest consideration.

In his presentation, InfoTech Investment Group Ltd Chief Executive Officer, Alli Mfuruki commended European Union for its commitment to work with other organizations to achieve a common goal.

 “Sometimes we seem to forget why we have united our countries, we need to remember the objectives of our union”    He said.

He said East African countries should not compete among themselves but rather they should unite and compete with the rest of the World’s economic powers “He said.

Earlier at the EAC headquarters, representatives from the civil society organizations and the private sector joined EU and EAC staff in a round table discussion on the Business Environment in East Africa as part of the EU-EAC week.


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