Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Deputy prime minister, Uhuru Kenyatta is taking the lead in the Kenya presidential elections 2013, provisionalresults say.
Kenyatta 1According to the Independent Boundaries and Electoral Commission (IBEC), Kenyatta has been leading at most polling stations in the country. Some of the provisional results show Kenyatta leading in more than ten polling stations. For example, he won in Meru with 59, 031 votes while Odinga got 4, 365 votes. In Laikipia, Kenyatta got 35, 840 votes while Odinga managed to scoop 6,223 votes. In Baringo, Kenyatta won again with 55, 057 votes while Odinga got 5, 990 votes.
Kenyatta also won in Nandi with 54, 153 votes while Odinga got 4, 678 votes. He also won in Nakuru with 138,114 votes while Odinga got 26,803 votes. However, Odinga managed to win in Samburu with 11,199 votes while Kenyatta got 5, 1813 votes. In Marsabit, Odinga won with 2,321 votes while Kenyatta got 1,651 votes. In Kitui, Odinga also won with 74,799 votes beating Kenyatta who got 11,836 votes.
Kenyatta so far is leading with a 54% lead followed by Odinga with 41% of the votes. Musalia Mudavadi has 3%, Peter Kenneth has 1%, Martha Wangari Karua – 0%, James Legilishho Kiyiapi – 0%, Paul Kibugi Muite – 0% and Mohamed Abduba Dida – 0%.


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