Friday, March 1, 2013

A number of Kenyan of Asians origins are currently flocking to the
Tanzania's northern tourism circuit in fear of the possible break down
of law and order in their country's general election session scheduled
next Monday.

A random survey by our reporter in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, a hub
of the world popular Tanzania's northern Tourism circuit, revealed
that a number of Kenyan Asians with their families are crossing the
border to the Tanzania's national parks over security concerns.

Majority of them who interviewed in Ngorongoro Crater's main entrance
gate, they cited signs  of violence that has been witnessed during the campaign and in the previous   general elections as a practical reason for their departure.

According to the group chief, his delegate was among several groups of
such kind that have been crossed the borderline to various tourists
destination in Northern Tanzania that comprise, Tarangire, Manyara and
Serengeti National parks as well as the world's eight wonders
Ngorongoro crater.

Another Kenyan of Asian origin who came across with this reporter in
the middle of NCA, said they will stay in Tanzania until the heat of
general elections in their country is slumped.

"We should not be considered as unpatriotic citizens, but we fear if
tribal violence occurs, we might be the most targeted group due to our
neutral position in politics" the Kenyan said.

According to him, few Kenyan of Asian origin have remained in Kenya at
the moment as majority of them have traveled to most of East African
countries of Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.


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