Friday, March 14, 2014

Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO) has donated a total of 15 motorcycles to police force in Arusha, in a rare public-private-partnership to fight against crime.  
TATO Chairman ( far right )Willy Chambulo handing over the motor bike switch to Arusha regional commissioner  Magessa Mulongo 

The motorbikes worth Tsh 27 million will help the law enforces to battle with the wave of criminals who are currently riding motorcycles to terrorize people.

TATO chairman, Mr Willy Chambulo said they have decided to help the law enforces to efficient in battling crimes in northern tourism circuit.

“Arusha needs tourism for it to prosper and for that to happen we need to equip our police officers in order be effective to tame crime in this important town” Mr Chambulo said on Thursday during the handing over function.

Receiving the motorbikes, the Arusha regional Police commander, Liberatus Sabas said his force is in dire needy of transport gears like motorcycles in order to face the criminals who have been using motorbikes to sneak after committing crime.

“Criminals have changed their tactics and police also supposed to follow suit, if we are to win the battle. At the moment criminals use motorbikes and police also need the same motorcycle to face them” Mr Sabas noted.

He commended TATO for their support, adding that other stakeholders should also borrow a leaf.

TATO Public Relations Chief, Mr Zuher Fazal said that his association is committed to work together with the government to serve the community.

“Arusha needs to be secure and better place to live if tourists, investors and citizens to enjoy and to achieve this we must support our law enforcers” Mr Fazal noted.

For his part, Arusha Regional commissioner, Magessa Mulongo said at the moment, Arusha is safe compared to eight years ago where criminals turned the area as their hideout.

“We are grateful to TATO for being in fore front to compliment the government efforts. Now criminals should be aware that they can come, but they will never get out safely” Mr Mulongo said.


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