Sunday, April 21, 2013

MORE  than 300 shop traders  in Arusha city trading  along the local minibus stand  have refused  to pay a new rent tax imposed by the council , claiming that  the  the recent new  agreement  is not legally valid and the tax is too high to afford.
Through their union meeting which was held yesterday the traders said the municipal tax raised from Shs 60,000Tsh per month  to TShs 275,000 without their views or  negotiation was is illegal and it is against the spirit of  good governance policy in the country
The General Secretary of the traders and shop owners association Melance Kisoka said both the new tax and the agreement are illegal and show a secret motive of the council to steal their shops which they built at their own costs.
“How can this be possible to inflate tax beyond deadly proportion, is it really our government doing all these to us ,they want our children to starve and fail to go to school, this is our means for  survival  we will fight until justice is done “Said Kisoka
He said his association members have never refused  to pay  council   taxes but participation and negotiation are the  key matters to dictate how much should be paid regarding on their business environment.  
He said the council distributed new rent agreement to the traders forcing them to sign the new agreement before Wednesday this week something that has terribly shocked the traders.
  Kisoka  said that the new contract has not laid  down some  important facts one being the clear indication of the premises ownership and also its period  is too shot  leading to failure of  business plans and  don’t comply with financial and loaning  institutions the country.
Another trader interviewed by this paper  Abraham Chipaka said that the move is dirty tricks of the municipality of the city to  grab  their shops  which they tokk loans from banks  and  build more than 15 years  ago.
"This is a sign of rejection to majority poor for the interest of the few rich and in power, we will use every means possible to retain our properties and our constitutional right to be heard and given our right as bonafide citizens of this country “He said
On her part Betty Manjira lamented on the municipal move to impose new and high  taxes saying there is no any services at the center including toilet service, water and other important services
“In other countries  of the World people enjoy paying taxes because they see what their money has done in terms of development projects and improved services  but here in our Municipal  is totally different ,they collect and probably all disappear we have to change this culture by addressing issues like these “She said
Tito Isaac Zumba contributing to matter  said they were given permission by the town council 1994 in an agreement  which has not shown that the  premises erected belongs to the  authority their fore in his vew they are entitled to pay for land rent.
Dominick Mollel  said  it was a big surprise to  see the municipality seeks to take away a their stores instead of  helping them to develop their businesses to fasten development in the sector in creation of self employment  for the better of  the country and its people.
“I wonder why they want to steal in the day light ,surprisingly some other traders of Krokon area have been given shops which constructed by the council  free ,there is a political move here, we will stand to deny to the fullest “Said Mollel
Commenting on the matter Levolosi ward Councilor Ephata Nanyaro supported entrepreneurs   urging them to claim their rights anywhere without fear
He further said the full council meetings have never passed any bill to increase or impose new taxes to Stand Ndogo traders
.Asked about the issue Acting Director of Arusha Council Lamsy Afwilile maintained that his council acted under lawful directives and promised to convene a press conference to elaborate the matter in full details.


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