Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chrystel Alquivier  in the( middle of  )dressed  in black Mountain gears at Uhuru Peak

A ,French, tourist lady with disability has broken a record of being the first disable woman to clinch the top of the free standing tallest Mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro found in Tanzania.

Speaking with scribes few moment after descending down Chrystel  Alquivier said she was overwhelmed with joy to fulfill her dream to reach the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro as her campaign to people with disability to believe  that they are able to achieve anything they wish in life despite of their status. 

“Just before we got to the top, I wanted to shout and scream with excitement, but once we’d got there, it felt really strange.

She said that she got paralyzed when she was twenty two years old and at  that time she had only two choices to make one being to commit suicide and die or accepting the disability and continue with life, she chose to live to date.

She told reporters that people with disability can do better than those without if they have confidence skills and courage to pursue what they dream for life.

“I. am  a symbol of that power people like me can have,  I believe I can do whatever I need to do in my life, that is why I have travelled to this beautiful country to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and reached the summit ,people with disability here in Tanzania and in other parts of the World should emulate  my spirit “she said. 

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain in Africa, standing at around 19,340 feet. 

Tenacious climbers have to endure farmland, forest, and Alpine moorland.

She also celebrated her birthday at Mandara point some miles before clinching the top of the free standing Mountain in the World

Kinapa Chief  park warden Lufungulo  handing a certificate to Chrystel  to prove that she reached  the top of the Mt.


  1. Congratulations to Chrystel! She is an inspiration! She is not the first to summit however. Please do not forget about the courageous story of Erica Davis who was the first female paraplegic to summit Mount Kilimanjaro in 2010. http://blog.thomsonsafaris.com/kilimanjaro/first-female-paraplegic-kilimanjaro

  2. Congrats to Chrystel Alquivier.......................owino


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