Sunday, November 4, 2012

By Staff reporter,

The ministry of education and vocational training has vowed to take legal actions   to parents from pastoral communities who will be found sending their children to herd cattles instead of going to school

The call was made by the deputy minister of education Philip Mulugo when he was launching the Maasai Vision English Medium school at Engabobo village in Arumeru District.

Mulugo said primary school enrolment in pastoralist’s areas in the country is lower compared to other places in the country.

“The ministry has put in place mechanisms to embark upon this problem and the first thing is to deal with parents and head of schools “said Mulugo.

He told hundreds of Maasai people at the luncheon ceremony that it is a shame to find many Maasai warriors working in towns as watchmen while there is a possibility of being educated and secure good jobs like other Tanzanians.

“If you go  to every town in our country you will  find groups of Masai morani working as night guards earning very little amount of money monthly,this is an imaginable  exploitation,  you should  end this abuse by educating  your children” said Minister Mulugo.

 He noted that the ministry has started to employ qualified teachers who are the indignant of pastoralist societies with the interest of working in their home areas.

“If there is a qualified teacher from this village and would like  to teach in this school his or her employment is open as from now, what you need to do is to  send  to me  your names and collages you attended and we will employ  ”said Mulugo. 

 On her part Africa Amini Alama President, Dr.Christine Wallner from Austria said her organization’s core objective was to see children from Maasai communities and other vulnerable groups being educated and helped to achieve their potential in life.
 "This is my dream and I am determined to fulfill it with the help of motivated individuals who want to make a difference in the livelihood for the disadvantaged people in this beautiful country “she said.
She said the new school will help to protect and educate Maasai children in Ngabobo Village and its neighborhoods who use to walk long distance to reach schools a situation.
“Honorable minister Lack of school in this village has put children into high risks of being attacked by wild animals rampant in this area” said Dr.Christine.

William Kinua ,a man who had dreams  to find a school  in Ngabobo Village told the minister that he feels great for his dream to come true so much earlier.

“I owed my people a lot because they fundraised money for my university studies but today I have fulfilled the promise I gave that time that I will seek sponsors all over to build a school in my home village”

She said five classrooms, staff room and teachers houses are at the stage of completion and the whole project is approximated to cost 500million Tanzanian shillings.

In his part Ngabobo Village Chairman Zabulon Kimaki thanked the organization for constructing the school for their children saying the help has relieved their long wait to have a school in their area.
“It is a miracle to see our children going to school, they have been full sponsored, may God bless these people for their loving hands” said Kimaki.
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