Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Journalist Marwa Tawfik and other from Al Ahram television in Egypt have observed that, though Tanzania has a lot of tourist attractions, she still needs intensive marketing campaigns if it is to benefit fully from its natural endowments.

“…some think Kilimanjaro is in Kenya…they visit the country and only later are they brought across the border to visit Mount Kilimanjaro…,” the journalist revealed.

Tawfik emphasized that the campaigns are necessary to clarify the location of various attractions noting for instance that many countries are under the impression that Mount Kilimanjaro is located in Kenya and hence they visit Kenya granting the country foreign exchange that would have otherwise benefitted Tanzania.

The state of affairs at the moment has it that the number of tourists visiting Tanzania from the Arab world stands at between 20,000 and 25, 000 annually.

To increase these figures, the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) has embarked on several marketing initiatives to attract Arab and French speaking countries to explore and enjoy the wonders of Tanzania’s natural attractions, the management has confirmed.

Speaking to reporters in Dar es Salaam on Sunday, the TTB Director General Dr Aloyce Nziku, explained that the effort is being undertaken in collaboration with several other bodies including, the Tanzanian embassy in Egypt, Tanzania National Parks (Tanapa), Ngorongoro Conservation area Authority (NCA) and the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism.

"As part of our campaigns to intensify tour promotions throughout the Arab world…we invited a tour operator and a group of renowned journalists from Egypt to tour various attractions on the mainland and in Zanzibar too…," he revealed and went on to detail the familiarization tour saying it commenced on November 5 and was aimed at acquainting, informing and providing firsthand experience of to the visitors who in turn will promote and attract tourists from their homeland.

Apart from the on ground visit, Dr Nzuki announced the production of a tourism promotion DVD which will be aired by various television satiations in Arab and French speaking countries. The DVD highlights tourist’s sites in Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, Ngorongoro crater and Serengeti National Park.

They will be featured regularly on the Nile TV international channel and in Ahram and Al Ahram newspapers from Egypt as well as the French speaking countries. If all goes to plan, the video campaign is hoped to revolutionize the industries by increasing the number of tourists by several folds but at the moment the consensus remains that a lot has to be done to expand the industry.


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