Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tanzania has been selected in Africa to host statue of footballers patron, Saint Luigi Scrosoppi, whom sportsmen can pass over their prayers to win instead of witchcraft.

In 2010, Vatican nominated Luigi Scrosoppi as the worldwide Saint that protects al

l Footballers and fans in all games as a way to restore moral in sports.

Arumeru district commissioner Nyirembe Munasa over the weekend led hundreds of people in Momela villager to receive St Luigi’s statue during a mass presided over by Fr. Patrick Kagua from Usa River Parish.

Two Tanzanian sports children under Africa Amin Alama charity organization based in Momella village in Arumeru, on their sponsored trip to Austria brought the original Statue of St. Luigi on 7th of October 2014 to Tanzania.
This statue enters Africa for the very first time, one being kept in Italy, home country of Luigi Scrosoppi, one in South America and this third one brought to one of the main project of Luigi Scrosoppi foundation: to Momella, Ngare Nanuki ward, Arumeru district: the Africa Amini Football Academy.
Faith has become key component in the lives of footballers worldwide lately with players vividly seen making the sign of the cross on the pitch when a match is about to kick off or a goal is scored.

With their patron saint in place, clubs can now go a step further and set aside their own chaplains for saying special masses ahead of and throughout tournaments.  

They can also earmark particular places of devotion for their fans to pray for their teams, says the vice president of Africa Amini Alama, Dr. Cornelia Wallner-Frisee.

“Footballers’ prayers through St Luigi can go a long way in toning down a growing enmity among soccer players and fans,” adds Dr Frisee.   

Africa Amini Alama qualified to be one of the cooperation partners of the Luigi Scrosoppi Foundation that unifies a number of special projects around the world that follow the ideas of St. Luigi.
The Non-for-profit organization is taking care of more than 750 children every day, providing education, medical care, social support, football training in its sports academy, a home and therefore works according to the ideas of St. Luigi Scrosoppi.

The football academy is supported by the foundation as it helps talented, needy children to find a new structure, education and hope in their most important years of childhood.
The academy is registered at the Tanzanian football association, has 25 boarding children, and provides free education, home and football training for talented boys of Arumeru district.
It has won the district league championship in 2014, and got the 1st price for the most disciplined and fairest team of the tournament.
“A small trophy that we are particularly proud because it shows that we teach the boys much more than only football. We are trying hard to follow the spirit of Luigi Scrosoppi” says Dr. Wallner-Frisee.


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