Saturday, November 10, 2012

It was shout and joy for Walter Chilambo fans last night when he proved beyond reasonable doubts that he is a star. 

Humble and well determined young man left the crowd puzzled following his unique vocal command and well articulated singing style which attracted thousands Viewers and those who flocked in Diamond Jubilee  to cast more votes to make him win the title which was very competitive.

The news of Walter winning the 2012 crown came amid surprise because many people believed that the winner would have been WABABA, Nsami or Salma from Zanzibar Island ,contestant who were very   serious  in the game.

Much big up to the judges ,Master J,Salama Jabir and Madame Ritta  alot has to be appreciated for Bench Mark Company for their great work which has touched many young people’s lives. Indeed there is a purpose in every life on Earth, each of us have a responsibility of making this planet better than we found it.


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