Friday, April 12, 2013

THE government has urged charitable organizations   operating   various projects in different communities to ensure that all groups in the society are able to benefit from their donations regardless of race and religion they come from.

The call was made by the Arumeru District commissioner Nyirembe Munasa at the launch of shoes distribution to 36,000 pupils from difficult and vulnerable backgrounds in the District.

Assistance worth 500 million shillings   was provided by the Adventist relief agency (ADRA) based in Arusha.

Munasa said that there are some unscrupulous people who have been using aid received   from donors for people in need in the community   for their benefit.

"Some even dared   to divide society on the basis inappropriate, we are very grateful  that ADRA  distributed  shoes  to  all students without knowing what background of  faith , they are from, Christian Muslim and and even those without religion  have received this help  "Munasa  said in his remarks .

He asked the citizens of the District to provide any information they see the social groups that use assistance with the objective to divide the country.
He explained that many children from poor families have been desperate to read due to lack of basic needs, including shoes.

"These shoes will help pupils in building their capacity psychologically and pupils and also will help them to   avoid getting diseases and  injuries in school, "said DC Munasa.

Referring to the support aid  ADRA Country director Dr Ngaite Nkomo said all pupil will will receive four pairs of shoes after every six months.

He said that it has been granted by Tom Shoes Company based in the U.S. through the ADRA international which is also headquartered in  the United state of America.

Dr.Nkomo said that the organization runs various projects in the education sector and explained that the agency's recently distributed 24000 books for pre-primary schools and secondary schools worth 300 million shillings.

"We believe that education is the principal method to fight against poverty and  other development challenges in the community and that is why we try to help in the development  of education sector in  every opportunity we have in the organization " She said.


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