Thursday, October 25, 2012

From right  Mr Exaud Mwanga Arusha  Region Deputy Administrative Secretary and Mr Appolo left during the Launch of Agri-Hub Tanzania  
THE Government has called upon professionals supporting farmer entrepreneurship in the country to work in coordination to support  the development for the small holder farmers through Agri-hub Tanzania which was officially launched at the weekend in Arusha.
In his opening speech during the business cocktail to mark the launch of the network, the assistant Arusha Regional administrative Secretary Exaud  Mwanga hailed the initiative  in Tanzania ,saying it will help the country to implement its Kilimo Kwanza programme practically.

THE coming of the network to  Tanzania was enabled by  Agri proFocus wich  joined hands in partnership with a number of development actors to launch agri hub Tanzania organization.

He said that there is much need to give small holder producers the opportunity to access markets through different enterprising schemes.

“I want to enlighten you that a small holder entrepreneur without a market focus is simply not an entrepreneur therefore it is important to develop mechanisms to make this a reality “Said Mwanga.

 He urged civil societies, private sector and government agencies representatives’  to pay attention in organising the small holder farmers for business by providing them access to affordable and flexible finance and access to markets.
He said agriculture in Tanzania remains the largest contributor to the national economy, producing commodities /livestock for export as well as food for domestic consumption and raw materials for the domestic industries, therefore the  initiative will bring tremendous results if its mission and vision will be put into action.
 In his presentation, Mr. Apollo Muyanja the coordinator of  agri hub Tanzania emphasised the need for different actors in the agriculture sector in Tanzania to promote a joint agenda on farmer entrepreneurship through his organisation.
Muyanja said the programme thematic areas will focus on organized farmer groups, access to, markets, finance, gender in value chains and sustainable food production.
“Agri-ProFocus (APF) is a partnership with Dutch roots that promotes farmer entrepreneurship in developing countries.The partnership was founded in 2005 with the aim of rallying together professionals, expertise and resources around a joint interest in farmer entrepreneurship”said Muyanja.
He said, ProFocus network members are organizations and companies that gather, train, connect and provide inputs and credit to farmer entrepreneurs and producer  promoting entrepreneurship and connecting producers with national and international markets.
"Its  members aim to both open up market potential for business in developing countries, as well as meet with the challenge of sustainably feeding 9 billion people by 2050"Muyanja said .
 Agri- ProFocus sets up agri hubs in different countries and these agri hubs are steered by a coordinator or coordination team supports the local network.
In Tanzania, Agri proFocus has joined hands in partnership with a number of development actors to launch agri hub Tanzania. Currently there are eleven agri hubs in Africa operating in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Mali, Niger, Benin, Mozambique, Zambia and with the newest in Tanzania currently in the start-up phase. Agri hub Tanzania is the newest entrant to join this global agri ProFocus network promoting farmer entrepreneurship.


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