Friday, October 26, 2012

By Our reporter
The government have been put on blame for being reluctant to solve unending
conflict between Maasai's from Longido and Arumeru Districts.

The conflict which started mid September this year has left one person dead, several others injured and 12 households reduced to ashes.

Speaking at the burial ceremony of Seuri Mebuko (16) who was killed on
Thursday at Kimasarwa Village near the disputed border of Arumeru and Longido, traditional elders vowed to take law at their hands to pursue justice for the killing of their boy.

“Our government has failed completely to restore peace and harmony in our land, it is the right time for us to reveal this, you all knows how its officials in lower level are inciting violence, we must do something to give our families safety “said Laigwanani Kalanga Lendulo.

He said the government had more chances earlier to curb the situation but
it  took the  problem  without due consideration a situation  which resulted to  loss of life and property damaged.

“The regional commissioner came and told us to stop the war and we obeyed his orders but the Maasai  from Longido are continuing the attacks, they have killed our young man this death will be the last to happen to our people “said Lendulo.

On his part the deceased  family spokesperson Daniel Laizer  said their son was killed brutally by the group of Maasai worriers from Longido when he was grazing cattles near the border of the two district.
 “It is a shame to those who have committed this murder; I call upon our community to do
something before things get worse here” Said Laizer.

He said Seuri life was very important and had the purpose to be fulfilled by him on earth but was cut shot because of negligence and careless leaders in our districts.

“We have heard police on the local media saying the incident was just a normal crime, it shocked the public here because we all know the source of the conflict and the circumstances surrounding it” said Laizer.

Commenting on the matter, Longido District Commissioner James Ole Millya said traditional elders from his District have met to map the way to end the land  conflict.

“It is sad that life and property was lost in this dispute but we are working tirelessly to end it for good, I appeal to our neighbors Waarusha to accept negotiations to end the crisis, they are brothers and sisters they speak one language and share traditional values “said Ole Millya.

Arusha Regional Police commander Senior Assistant commissioner of police (SACP) Liberatus Sabas maintained that police and other government security agencies are working closely to
restore and maintain peace and order in Longido and Arumeru  Districts.


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