Monday, October 29, 2012

By our Reporter, Arusha

Education stakeholders are pushing the government to form an
independent profession regulatory board to oversee all matters
affecting the development of education sector in the country.

Speaking at the roundtable discussion in Arusha, Tanzania Teachers
Union President Gratian Mukoba said that the quality of education in
Tanzanian public schools is declining as a consequence of the invasion
of unqualified teachers.

Giving his experience on the issues related to teacher
professionalization and professionalism, Mukoba said other factor
behind the deterioration of education quality is the endless conflict
between teachers and the government.

“It is an open secret that the working morale of teachers in our
country is deteriorating each day because of the unfavorable working
environment, poor remuneration and lack of teachers entitlement like
houses“said Mukoba.

According to him, the situation calls for the impartial regulatory
board in a bid to address the issue comprehensively, from, teacher’s
welfares, education provision, and student enrollment among others.

Prof. Raph Masenge from University of Dar es salaam faculty of
Mathematics concurred with TTU boss, saying unfavorable teaching
environment rendered teaching profession being the last option after
one misses other fields.

“In the past teaching was prestigious field because the government had
given its due consideration, but now, no one would like to be a
teacher” Prof. Masenge explained.

Dar es salaam University College of Education (DUCE) Lecturer, Mabula
Nkuba implored the government to treat teachers like military
officers, if the education quality is to improve.

“If the government wants to restore the old glory of education, it
should treat teachers equally as it do for Tanzania Peoples Defence
Force officers” Nkumba noted.

Officiating at the forum, Bakari Issa, Principal Education Officer
Ministry of Education & Vocational Training Teacher Education
Department said Tanzania is now in process to establish ‘The Tanzania
Teachers Professional Board’.

Issa said the board would address some of the challenges like;
teachers preparation, quality of teachers, adequacy, recruitment,
teacher motivation and incentives; accountability and transparency;
and teaching and learning environment.


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