Monday, November 12, 2012

Military weapon   AK47and  SMG among the recovered ,District authorities vow to discourage illegal gun ownership

Ngorongoro District Elias Lali
By Staff writer

NGORONGORO,residents of Arusha Region in Northern Tanzania have surrendered   80 Fire arms voluntarily as a result of the government campaign to encourage them to turn in any weapons they might have at their homes, without fear of legal consequences.

The weapons have been surrendered in a period of six month since the beginning of the ongoing campaign which begun April this Year.

In an interview with   reporters, Ngorongoro District Commissioner Elias Wawa Lali said the fire arms surrendered are military weapons Short Machine Gun (SMG) and AK 47.
He declined to give the number of AK 47 machine guns surrendered saying he will convene a press conference to elaborate the issue in the next few days.

The arms are believed to have been smuggled through Kenya and Tanzania porous border illegally and sold to local people who later used them in fueling criminal activities  in Area.

“We have seen children and older people being killed by fire arms and cattle raided by criminals using AK 47,it is  not  acceptable in a country under the rule of law ,our  campaign and education to our people  will continue until all illegal owned firearms are surrendered to police” said Lali 

He  pointed  that government in the District and its security agencies are working hard to discourage people owning firearms illegally.

“We must ensure we don't have illegal weapons or firearms falling into the wrong hands anymore in Ngorongoro ”Dc Lali stressed.

He said illegal arms have been also used by poachers to kill wild animals in the area a situation which is putting Loliondo game controlled area under jeopardy.

“Iwant also to appeal to civil societies in our District to help in sensitizing wananchi to surrender the firearms before the door of mercy is closed,after this law enforcers will search illegal weapons from house to house and all illegal firearms owners will face legal charges”Said Lali.


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