Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka (right) leaves Golf Hotel in Kakamega after a meeting with area leaders on November 20, 2012. Photo/ISAAC WALE
Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka (right) leaves Golf Hotel in Kakamega after a meeting with area leaders on November 20, 2012. Photo/ISAAC WALE  NATION MEDIA GROUP

Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka has asked Prime Minister Raila Odinga to retire from politics together with President Kibaki having served as equal partners in the coalition government.
Mr Musyoka said this was the only way Kenyans would have a chance to elect new leaders focused on taking the country to the next level of development under the new constitutional dispensation.
“He should consider taking a break from politics and let young and determined leaders to take over from where they have left,” said Mr Musyoka during a rally at Nabongo grounds in Mumias town.
The VP noted that the Prime Minister's post was not provided for in the Constitution and was only “sneaked into the old one” to allow for the formation of the coalition government following the post-election violence that rocked the country in 2007.
Mr Musyoka said he would partner with Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi to ensure his quest to succeed President Kibaki was realised.
“I’m ready to work with the DPM and capitalise on the vast leadership experience I have and give Kenya the best leadership,” he said.
The VP accused some leaders of advancing selfish and tribal politics at the expense of unity and peace.
“We must place Kenya and the electorate first,” he said.
Earlier, the VP opened Wiper Democratic Party offices in Mumias town and later addressed another rally at Muliro gardens in Kakamega.
He is expected to tour other parts of Western Province, including Bumula and Teso.
At the same time, Mr Musyoka has challenged sugar milling firms to brace for competition after the end of Comesa safeguards in February 2014.
The VP said the sugar industry required total overhaul to prepare for the removal of Comesa safeguards.
He said measures put in place to revamp the industry were not enough, arguing that key players in the sector needed to implement policies to protect sugar firms and farmers against exploitation.
“If millers fail to diversify and expand their product base and operations, the industry could collapse,” he said.
He said the government would seek another two-year extension if the industry failed to stabilise by 2014.
He urged Mumias residents to elect leaders who would push for reforms in the sugar industry.
“The leaders you elect will determine the future of the industry,” he said.


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