Friday, November 16, 2012

Airtel Tanzania in collaboration with UNESCO is expected to launch a formal community radio tomorrow in the Ololosokwami village in Ngorongoro, Arusha.

Airtel Director for Communications, Beatrice Singano said that the celebration of the launch of the community radio will be attended and officiated by Minister for Communications, Science and Technology Professor Makame Mbarawa.

She explained that, “Airtel and UNESCO has fulfilled its commitment to reach more people especial in rural areas through communication as well as helping women in communities particularly marginalized mothers who have been left behind without having their roles and contribution to the community recognized.

“This project will help eliminate the current challenges and wrong practices including outdated traditions, poor education, superstitious beliefs, poverty, sexual abuse and rapid growth of HIV and AIDS and so many other problems,” said Singano.

She added that, “preparations for the opening ceremony have been completed, radio broadcasting is expected to cover Ololosokwani and 14 neighboring villages; also through various Airtel products and services including Airtel money service resident of Ololosokwani and neighboring villages will conveniently and easily get access to financial services she added Singano.

Commenting on the installation of radio equipments, the UNESCO Project Officer for information and communication Yusuph Al Amin said, “Our social project has been completed; we thank Airtel and all stakeholders for their cooperation and support in completing this goal.

He added that, “this plant will provide communication to all residents in Ololosokwani and neighboring villages; we have also developed a multimedia center for residents to visit and integrate with a sophisticated network of Airtel internet.”
Other beneficiaries of Community Radio projects includes; Sengerema Mwanza, Karagwe Kagera, Chake Chake Pemba, Makunduchi Unguja, Pangani Tanga, Kyela Mbeya and Kalama Shinyanga.


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