Monday, November 26, 2012


The prevailing drought is reportedly causing pastoralists to invade protected areas.
This was said recently by the Acting Chief Park Warden of the Tarangire National Park, Dr. James Wakibara after impounding 493 heads of cattle and one donkey, all property of Gideon Mbuyu, a resident of Mswakini Juu Village, Monduli District.

He said that the challenge of pastoral communities invading protected areas has been so enormous especially in the southern part of the park where this problem has been persistent.

Dr. Wakibara said that on the day when the cattle were impounded, they got earlier information from  residents that there was a herd of  livestock grazing in the Park without any herdsman and when the rangers pursued they found the herd and brought it to the Park headquarters.

Impounded herd of cattle at the Tarangire National Park yard.

“The problem of pastoralists invasion of the national park has been persistent and we have been doing our best to educate them, but the challenge  is unabated, particularly during dry seasons when the livestock are left to graze rampantly and causing great damage, said Dr. Wakibara.

The  Acting Protection Warden, Ms. Beatrice Kessy said that they have been educating the community, but many of them claim that the incident is accidental.
She said that for such incident, the Parks regulations stipulates a fine of Shs. 10,000/= to 100,000/= per head, but due to the spirit of good neighbourliness, they only charged the owner Shs. 10,000/= per head.


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